Suspended Stages System Designers and Engineers, ensure that all newly installed SSI Fall Protection Systems and Devices used for safe access, are certified to meet the various Provincial and Federal Standards as they apply to worker safety. When contracting Suspended Stages, the Building Owner can rest assured they have fulfilled their legal obligation to provide appropriate installed equipment to contractors invited to perform work at the site, as it relates to working at heights.

In addition to requirements for annual and periodic Inspections of Anchor Systems and various components, it is also necessary to recertify systems after an alteration due to a renovation, such as a re-roofing project. In the course of such projects, if an anchor has been tampered with or removed, it MUST be recertified. Suspended Stages is qualified to perform Certifications and proficient in Fall Protection Anchorage and Anchorage Connector (the structure/building) installations.

Although unlikely, if the Anchorage has been involved in an accident such as a fall, or even damage to the structure from impact or fire, the requirements to recertify apply. Our Experts will attend the site, assess the effect on the Anchorage and the Anchorage Connector, and make recommendations to the owner on what the necessary steps are to put the System back in working order and in compliance with applicable codes.

Some Access / Fall Arrest installations and equipment that require Certification and Annual Re-Certification prior to being used are:

  • Roof Anchors
  • Wall Anchors
  • Davit Arms
  • Davit Bases
  • Horizontal Life Lines
  • Swing Stage Platforms & Swing Stage Motors
  • Vertical climb assist and Life Line Systems
  • Anchorage Connectors