Modular Platforms

SSI Modular Platforms are designed, engineered, and fabricated by Suspended Stages. This rugged and versatile work platform is suitable for a wide range of applications. Available in various lengths, the SSI Modular Platform is easy to assemble and comes with a variety of components to access the most difficult areas.

SSI Modular Platform features include:

  • Heavy duty aluminum side frames, decks, u-frames assembled with easy to use connector pins.
  • Platform lengths include: 2’, 4’, 5’, 7’ & 10’.
  • Combine lengths to assemble 4’ to 40’ platforms.
  • 45 & 90 degree corner section assemblies.
  • Hoist can be mounted to standard End-Stirrup, Walk-Through Stirrup, C-Stirrup or Pass-By Stirrup.
  • U-Frames include casters to provide mobility for moving the platform around the job site.
  • Work Cage option is available using aluminum Walk-Through Stirrups for areas with limited access.
  • Custom design & fabrication available for specialty applications.