Rigging Equipment

Suspension Systems & Rigging Equipment

Suspended Stages offers a wide range of suspension system solutions for the simplest to the most complicated applications. Today’s architecture use rooftops as extended patios, terraces and green space, making suspended access increasingly difficult. Suspended Stages has the knowledge and resources to supply a safe and reliable suspension & rigging system.

Suspension Systems

  • Aluminum Outrigger Beams
  • Lightweight sections are easy to transport & assemble.
  • Load rated for most suspended platforms or portable hoists.
  • Cable Truss System allows for cantilever of 8’ to 14’.
  • Overhang Beam System allows for access under soffit and cornice applications.
  • Compatible with plate or saddle type counterweights.
  • Steel Outrigger Beams
  • Load rated for most suspended platforms & portable hoists.
  • Allows for maximum 36” cantilever.
  • Compatible with plate or saddle type counterweights.
  • Parapet Clamps
  • Available in aluminum or steel.
  • For use on load rated approved reinforced concrete parapet walls.
  • Load rated for most suspended platforms & portable hoists.
  • Cable Stands
  • For use on through-hole applications.
  • Allows for access under load rated and approved balconies and soffits.


  • Beam Dollies – rolling outrigger beam & counterweight system.
  • Beam Stands – to elevate outrigger beams above railings or non-load bearing walls.
  • Scaffold Support Assemblies – reinforced scaffolding to elevate and support outrigger beams & counterweights above and over roof obstructions.
  • Beam Tees – to secure additional plate or saddle type counterweights when using longer cantilevers.

Rigging Equipment

  • Support / Suspension Cable – 8.3 mm. EIPS galvanized fibre core wire rope includes load rated eye-hook with latch, pressed sleeves & braised end.
  • Tie-Backs – to secure the support system.

Power Supply Equipment

  • Power Cords
  • 220v/110v Step-Down Transformer – Supplies 110v power on suspended platform for tools.
  • 220v T-Section (Yoke)
  • Booster Box – provides additional voltage.
  • Connector Whips / Breaker Boxes