Permanent Platform

Suspended Stages provides a variety of Permanent Platform Systems to suit your needs and applications:

  • MODULAR Aluminium Permanent Platform System A safe, durable, flexible and reliable permanent platform assembly for maintenance and access applications. It is a lightweight and cost effective permanent platform solution. Combine various platform module lengths and corner types to service your entire structure and reduce platform costs.
  • MODULAR Permanent Platform System Choose the Suspended Stages Modular Permanent System for rugged, demanding applications. This is an excellent choice for tough applications when strength and versatility are needed. This platform is designed for safe, dependable operation.
  • Manufactured Permanent Systems Most major recognized manufacturers of suspended platform systems have a strong working relationship with Suspended Stages. This adds many well known international equipment types to complement the Suspended Stages platform systems product line.
  • CUSTOM AND SPECIALTY Permanent Systems Suspended Stages designs and manufactures permanent suspended access systems for custom and specialty applications such as Bridge Travellers. Our experience allows you to capitalize on the exchange of information with Suspended Stages during the architectural development and design phase of your project, ensuring the creation and supply of a system that complies with your design, manufacturing and installation requirements.